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Popularly called as the Paris of India, Morbi was founded in the year 1698. One of the most famous and wealthy cities of Gujarat, it is unique in its historical and cultural values. Until 1947, the city was ruled by many rulers from Mughals, Rajputs to British and from Qutb-ud-din Aybak to Lakhdhirji Thakor. This beautiful city of Rajkot district is famous for its architecture and building edifices reflecting its former rulers' love for discipline, visionary thinking and architectural beauty. Geographically, the city is situated on the river Macchu, 35 km from the sea and 67 km from Rajkot.

Today, Morbi is considered as the Ceramic Tiles and Wall Clock Hub of India. Several industries like ceramic, bricks, tiles, CFL lights and watches have flourished in this city since independence. Today, it houses nearly 390 ceramic and 150 wall clock industries. Currently, Morbi produces approximately 75% of total ceramic production in India and 10% of World's Ceramic production. According to a recent survey, Morbi is set to be ranked among the top 20 business cities in the coming decade.
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